Navitel Navigator 8.7  for Android

Navitel Navigator 8.7 for Android

Navitel Navigator 8.7 added friends service: a new tool for creation of groups has been added to the Navitel.Friends service. Users of the service can now create new groups and join existing ones (for example, family, colleagues, etc.), invite friends and exchange messages with other group members. Upon creation of a group it is possible to…


I played with SGS5

I was there in Barcelona for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5. A huge crowd, 5.500 people, and everyone tried to stay as close to the stage as possible to see the new phone. I got a hands-on shortly afther that.     I really liked the Samsung Galaxy S5 >>>  

Youtube stupid ads that you cannot skip

Youtube ads are really stupid, I cannot understand how people can listen to music or watch shows with these stupid, silly ads. But today I got one that I cannot skip. ARRRGHHH ! I never thought Youtube is so lame. I tried to send feedback, to let them know how I feel. They wont let…


Top 5 trends in mobile marketing

Top 5 trends in mobile marketingmobile marketers should be familiar with: 1. 2014 is expected to be the “tipping year of mobile”, the year most traditional web publishers are expected to become mobile-first in 2014, with most of their digital traffic coming from mobile devices Mobile-first is becoming the new standard of the web. The mobile…


Chromebooks: 1 in 4 devices shipped into US Education Market in Q4

Google’s Chromebook platform is making significant headway within US education, and is emerging as a contender to Apple’s dominance of the market, according to new research from Futuresource Consulting. In Q3 2013, Chromebooks accounted for a fifth of all mobile devices shipped into US K-12 education and early indications show this growth continued in the…


Cosmote Greece shares 112 data

Telecommunications connected thousands of our fellow human beings with life throughout the course of the past year. The single European emergency number 112, which operates in Greece under the General Secretariat for Civil Protection through the Centre at 112 with OTE as operator, the maritime communications network Olympia Radio managed by OTE as well as…


Deutsche Telekom promotes Evernote across conuntries

Deutsche Telekom and Evernote are expanding their partnership to cover the 12 markets in the DT footprint in continental Europe in addition to Germany. With Evernote, customers can take notes, clip webpages, snap articles, create to-do lists and record audio using their mobile phones. The service is available in all 12 markets. DT customers who…

romtelecom romania

Romania’s Romtelecom gets CE 2.0 MEF certification

Romania’s Romtelecom is the first carrier in the SEE region and the third in Europe achieving CE 2.0 certification from MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) – esteemed global telecom industry alliance. This certifies the operators’ ability to deliver state of the art services between operators.


Blackphone – the smartphone with privacy

Silent Circle and Geeksphone today announced a new Switzerland-based joint venture and its inaugural product, Blackphone, the world’s first smartphone placing privacy and control directly in the hands of its users.


Breaking: Microsoft killed Winamp, not AOL

Microsoft was fined in US and EU for abusing its dominant position on the market. Sounds familiar? One of the problems involved there says that: Microsoft was blocking its competitors out of the market through anti-competitive practices. EU reached a preliminary decision in the case in 2003 and ordered the company to offer both a…


Dot UK – good news and bad news

So thre brits will introduce new dot UK domains – as in instead of This is the good news and something all people expeted in years. But there is a bad news also. You will not be able to get any fancy domains, because all people having domains will have their names…